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Following a recent Executive Committee meeting I am pleased to inform our members and guests, that due to many rallies being cancelled last season and the continuing uncertainty of the Covid situation and some site closures, the Committee have decided that all 2021 memberships, existing or new, will automatically be extended until 31st December 2022.  If over the next two years your details change ie address, email, then please advise the Membership Secretary so that our records can remain up to date.

It is important that if you are thinking of attending a rally it would be appreciated if you could book early rather than wait until nearer the time as low bookings may mean cancellation of the rally. At present deposits are not being banked until nearer the rally date, however if the rally is cancelled for low numbers or Covid reasons, deposits will be returned.

We are still hopeful that the majority of our rallies this season will be able to go ahead as planned. Please look at our website which is updated regularly.

For anyone who is not a member and would like to join now, your membership will run from the date you joined until 31st December 2022. Join online now by going to the Join page and follow the instructions, it’s as easy as that or download a Membership application Form and send it to the Membership Secretary with your Cheque.

Rob Wilks    (Chairman)


Due to the uncertainty regarding Covid-19 Government requirements for the next rally season, the Committee have made a decision to make all rallies for 2021 “Free and Easy Rallies” except for the National rally in September. This means there will be No social meetings or catering of any kind, no halls or venues will be booked for socials to take place and the rally price will reflect this.

It is proposed that if at any time the Government rules are relaxed the Rally Officers will endeavour to put on social activities during the rally as agreed by the Committee,  these proposed activities may be included in the rally listing but not included in the rally price therefore there may be a small supplement to pay if they are to go ahead.  A full refund will be made for any cancellations made by the Committee or cancellations from members due to Covid-19 related reasons.

All rallies, if on a commercial sites will be run in accordance with the sites own Covid Secure rules which must be strictly adhered to and rallies held using our exemption certificate (agricultural and sports club fields) will have a full risk assessment carried out by our Area Organisers and any recommendations will put into practice to keep us all safe.  We are hoping that by September 2021 we will be able to run a normal as possible National Rally with Entertainment and Social gatherings, you will be advised of any changes to our rallies by Email or Post and also posted on this website.

Thank you for your understanding.   The Committee.

More detailed information is available for members on the NOTICES page in the Members Area

 Latest Rally News

Rally No. 24 the Clacton on Sea Rally has only 2 bookings, if you wish to attend this rally please book now, it will be cancelled on 31st May if we do not have at least 10 bookings. There are EHP’s still available. Unfortunately the Toilets and showers will be closed for the duration of this season.






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