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Help for renewing your membership

If you are not sure how to access your account and renew and pay your subscription I have put together some instructions below to help you, it does look complicated but following these instructions should make it easy.

I suggest that you print out these instructions before you start, just click on the PRINT button below.

There are several ways to renew your membership and pay your subscription depending on whether you have a PayPal account or not.

If you do not have a PayPal account and do not wish to open one there are two ways to renew, if you have a PayPal account just follow the same item 2 instructions.

1. Fill in a renewal form found in your rally book or download and print out a form from the website which can be found on the Join Page and send to the Membership Secretary with your Cheque made out to RCA.

2. Go to the Join Page on the Website and scroll down to where is says  If you wish to renew and pay your subscription online please Sign In first  (no password needed) Just to the right click on the button marked Sign In another screen will open click on “Sign In with E-mail” Enter your email address and click Sign in a message will come up saying you have been sent an email, Leave this page open then go to your emails and open the  Retired Caravanners or MemberMojo email,  you will see If this was you, click here to Sign In. Just click Here. This will take you back to the Join Page, Click   Join us / Renew , on the next screen are your membership details if they are still correct scroll down and click  NEXT, on the next screen tick the box where it says I confirm I have read the associations Code then click NEXT, on the next screen click SELECT PAYMENT on this screen you have two choices Pay by PayPal or Cheque select your choice by clicking on the selected small (radio) button and then click the Orange button PAY WITH PAYPAL /CHEQUE then just follow the onscreen instructions. If you have paid by PayPal you will receive an email confirming payment from PayPal and the Retired Caravanners Association and that’s it all Done. If you wish to pay by Cheque you will be prompted and receive an email to send a Cheque to the address given and that’s it Done.